Welcome to the "Jet Provost Heaven" links page. Here you will be able to find 'directions' to a number of Jet Provost and Strikemaster web-sites, spread across the globe. If you know of a site that isn't listed, please get in touch.
  • Swords Aviation
    Operators of Jet Provost T.52 G-PROV and T.5P XS230.
  • Top Gun Tasmania
    Based at Hobart, this company owns immaculate JP Mk.5A XW362/VH-JZB.
  • Bournemouth Aviation Museum
    Based at the International Airport two airworthy examples, a T.3A and T.5, could once be seen hangared at the Museum
  • The No 3 Jet Provost Reunion Club
    The No 3 Jet Provost Reunion Club was founded by pilots who flew the JP 4 at RAF Finningley (6FTS, The Air Navigation School) between 1971 and 1975 where we taught Low level navigation (Buccaneer and Phantom) and high level interceptions (Phantom). They meet every other year with Honorary Members to continue our close Squadron friendship.
  • Royal Air Force Museum
    The RAF Museum have two complete JPs in their collection of aircraft - a T.3 at RAF Cosford, and a 'royal' T.5A at Hendon.
  • The Royal Air Force web-site
    The main RAF web-site.
  • Central Flying School web-site
    Everything you need to know about the Central Flying School
  • RAF Cranwell
    Home of the Royal Air Force College, and guarded by a JP :)
  • Yorkshire Museum
    Based at the former RAF Elvington airfield, this superb collection boasts a JP in its collection.
  • http://www.worldmiltair.co.uk/
    A hive of information on aircraft that have served with various air forces around the world.
  • PPRuNe
    The Pilots forum, Jet Provost talk regularly pops up on many of the numerous discussion boards.
  • Church Fenton web-site
    Ian Herbert's site is dedicated to RAF Church Fenton, once home to 7FTS - a prominent Jet Provost operator during the 1980s.
  • RAF Little Rissington web-site
    Ash Bailey has created this excellent resource on the former Central Flying School airfield.
  • The North East Aircraft Museum
    Based at Sunderland, A JP T.4 is one of their exhibits.
  • Warbird Alley
    There is a page on the JP/Strikemaster family.
  • Airliners.net
    Search for Jet Provost or Strikemaster and you will find quite a few photographs :)
  • Courtesy Aircraft Sales
    This site often has examples of Strikemasters listed for sale, as well as the occasional Jet Provost.
  • Barnstormers
    Another aircraft sales site, this site has a specific web-page for most types, including a Jet Provost, Strikemaster and Hunting included within the warbirds section of the site.
  • Jet Provost Club
    Eddie Todd owns and flies a Mk.4 Jet Provost G-BWGT on the European Airshow circuit.
  • Pacific Coast Air Museum
    The Museum has a privately owned airworthy Strikemaster on display.
  • Newcastle Jet Provost Company
    Owners of immaculate Jet Provost T.3A XM479 (G-BVEZ), they are regulars in static displays at airshows across the UK.
  • Australia Jet Adventures
    Based in Ballarat Airport just outside Melbourne, Australia. They operate ex-RNZAF Strikemaster Mk.88 NZ6361.
  • Speed and Power Pix
    Owned by Graham Mison, you can buy photographs of Australian warbirds through this site.
    It includes some photographs of Australian-based JPs and Strikemasters.
  • Raven Cockpits
    This company deliver complete flight simulator packages using the cockpit of actual aircraft.
    They own the fuselage of JP T.3A XN634 and are currently converting it for simulator use :)

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